You can choose one of the following transportation from the airport

1)???? Taxi

Taxi is the most convenient. The taxi will take you about one hour from the airport to our campus (depending on traffic) and it will cost around RMB130-150 (the meter-rate is RMB2/km). Tell the driver to enter the campus through North Gate (in Chinese: 开云手机官网入口,从北门进入). Don’t forget to ask for the receipt.

2)???? Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttle is the most economic. You can take Line 4 (Airport to Gongzhufen 公主坟) and get off at the Friendship Hotel(友谊宾馆)station. The airport shuttle fare is RMB 24/person and takes approximately 1 hour. The operation hour for Line 4 is 05:30a.m. to 23:00p.m. The airport shuttle costs you RMB24/person.

3)? Subway

Subway is the least time-consuming. You can take Airport Express at Terminal 2 or Terminal 3. Get off at Sanyuanqiao (三元桥) station and then transfer to Subway Line 10. Then get off at Haidian Huangzhuang (海淀黄庄) station and then transfer to Line 4. Finally you will get off at Rennin Daxue (人民大学) station. Take Exit A2. The cost for Airport Express is RMB25/person and RMB2/person for other subway lines. The operation hour of Airport Express for Terminal 2 is 06:35a.m.- 23:10p.m. and 06:21 to 22:51 for Terminal 3.

2.?????Residential Registration

According to?Rules for the Implementation of the Chinese Law on Control of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners,?international students must register at the local police station within 24 hours after their arrival. If you stay on campus, you need to get a?Registration Form for Temporary Residence?at the Front Desk. Failing to register at the local police station will be warned or fined up to 500RMB.

Date: The first 24 hours upon your arrival

Address: Local Police Station in Beijing

3.?????Bank Account and Bank Card

It’s recommended to open a bank account in Beijing so that you can convert foreign currencies into RMB, and then deposit them in your own bank account. For the purpose of using the E-card on campus, you have to open the account at any?Bank of China?(中国银行,Zhongguo Yinhang). It is required that you present your passport to the bank staffs when you open a bank account /and when you exchange currencies. In addition to that, remember to apply or ask for a UnionPay Card (银联卡, Yinlian Ka). The UnionPay Card functions as a Debit Card, it enables you to transfer money from your saving/checking account directly to the recipient’s account and it is commonly used in Beijing.

Note: If you are an exchange student, your bank account will be opened by the International Student Office, before you come. You will get the card on the registration day.


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