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Schools and Programs:




School of Philosophy



Religious Studies


School of Liberal Arts

Chinese Language and Literature

Chinese Literature

Chinese Language

School of History


History (incl. World History)


School of Chinese Classics

Experimental Class in Humanities (Chinese Classics)

Chinese Classics

School of Arts

Fine Arts (Painting)

Painting (Oil Painting)

Painting (Traditional Chinese Painting)

Visual Communication Design

Environmental Design (Landscape Architecture)

Animation (New Media)

Painting (Arts Management and Planning)

Painting (Arts Management and Planning)

Music Performance

Music Performance

School of Foreign Languages






School of Journalism and Communication

Journalism and Communication


Radio and Television



School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

Agricultural Economics and Management

Regional Rural Development

Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management

School of Sociology and Population Studies



Social Work

Public Affairs Administration (Public Policy and Population Management)

School of Public Administration and Policy

Public Administration

Administrative Management

Land and Real Estate Management

Urban Management

School of Information Resource Management

Information Management and Information System (Government Information Management)

Information Resource Management

Archival Science

School of Economics


International Economy and Trade

National Economic Management

Energy Economics

School of Finance


Financial Engineering

Credit Management

?Public Finance



School of Statistics



Applied Statistics

Economic Statistics

School of Business

Business Administration

Business Administration


Financial Management


Management Science

Management Science

Trade Economics

Trade Economics (incl. International Business)

School of Labor and Human Resources

Human Resources Management

Labor and Social Security

Labor Relations

School of Law


School of Marxism Studies

CPC History

School of International Studies

International Politics

Political Science and Public Administration (include Party Politics)

International Politics (include International Political Economy)


School of Environment and Natural Resources

Public Affairs Administration (Environmental Economics and Management)

Environmental Science

Environmental Engineering

Resources and Environmental Economics

School of Information

Experimental Class in Science (Information and Mathematics)

Computer Science and Technology

Information Management and Information System

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Information Security

School of Science

Physics (incl. Materials Physics)


?Materials Physics



Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology

Sino-French Institute

French (International Financial and Economic Media) (Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Program)

Social and Economic Administration (Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Program)

Finance (Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Program)

Special Types of Enrollment:

In China, besides the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, also known as the National College Entrance Examination (hereafter abbreviated as “the Examination” ) there are several special types of undergraduate enrollment:

Recommended Students

According to the relevant enrollment policies of the Ministry of Education, qualified students could be recommended by high schools or by themselves; and those who have successfully passed the Winter Camp Test could be enrolled without taking the Examination.

Independent Selection and Admission

According to the relevant documents by the Ministry of Education, students who meet RUC’s requirements for independent selection and admission could take separate examinations before the Examination. Those who passed the test could be enrolled with lower scores in the Examination.

Art Specialty Students

High school graduates with certain art specialties in instrumental music, vocal music or acting could be enrolled in non-art majors with lower scores in the Examination, with the pre-requisite that they pass RUC’s professional test for art specialty students.

High-Level Athletes

High school graduates with specialty and competitiveness in certain sports could be enrolled in non-sport majors with lower scores in the Examination, with the pre-requisite that they pass RUC’s professional test for athlete students.

National Defense Students

Delegated by the People’s Armed Police (PAP) Headquarters, male high school graduates under 20 with English as the first foreign language could be enrolled as National Defense Students, who will work in designated positions of PAP after graduation. Applicants should pass the local military physical checkup, and indicate their preference for National Defense Students in advance to the application and admission for regular students.

Art Students

RUC has art majors in painting and music performance, and organizes professional tests in advance to the Examination. Art students who pass such professional tests and reach the minimum passing score in the Examination could be enrolled by RUC. Students applying for painting major are admitted according to the weighted average score in both the professional test and the Examination; while those applying for music performance majors are admitted according to their performance in the professional test.

Students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Students

This category includes recommended students from Macao and Taiwan, as well as students who have passed the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) Examinations and met with other RUC admission requirements.

Students from Inland Xinjiang Classes and Inland Tibet Classes

Required by the Ministry of Education, the University enrolls students from Inland Xinjiang Classes and Inland Tibet Classes according to the policy of “Same Examination and Scoring, Separate Passing Scores and Admission”. In principle, such students should return to the Xinjiang Autonomous Region or Tibet after graduation.

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