School of Environment & Natural Resources
School of Environment & Natural Resources (SENR) was established in November 2001, based on the Program of Environmental Economics founded in 1988, and other related programs. By 2006, the SENR has had one PH.D program: Population, Natural Resources and Environmental Economics, which is also the only national program in this field, six master programs: Environmental Economics, Environmental Science, Ecology, Food Science and Natural Resource Management, and two undergraduate programs: Environmental Science and Environmental Economics.
School of Information
In early 1978, some famous scholars in our university, such as Prof. Sa Shixuan, Prof. Jiang Zhao, Prof. Chen Yunian, Prof. Wei Qingyu, and Prof. Zhao Shuyuan, proposed to create a new education program which focus on theapplication of information technology to economics and social science. It was the first time that such an education program was established in mainland China, and an Economic Information Management department was named.. In 1994,the department of economic information management was integrated with the computing center of the university. The School of Information was thus founded.
School of Natural Sciences/Department of Physics
The Physics Department of Renmin University is small and young compared to the physics departments around country. There are currently 12 formal scholars, several Adjunct Professor and 27 undergraduate students in the Field of Physics of the department. Many young faculty were hired in our department. Our goals in the years ahead is to attract 14 to 18 scholars to join our department in fixed position and several adjunct professors for teaching and research activities. We aim to have approximately 4-6 experimentalists on the faculty while the other’s are theorists.
School of Natural Sciences/Department of Chemistry
School of Natural Sciences/Department of Psychology
The Department of Psychology at Renmin University of China(RUC)was founded in 2009,on the basis of the Institute of Psychology at RUC.As a new and rapidly growing department,we welcome applicants and partners for faculty positions,students,and different types of collaborative and exchange relationships with institutions and individuals all over the world.

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