Step 1

Each school should email the invitees’ materials to, including a cover letter to the International Office (indicating who the invitee is, whether he or she will bring their family, how long the employment is and when he or she will arrive in China), CV (both in Chinese and English), a copy of the first page of the visa (for the invitees and their accompanying family members), a copy of the diploma, recommendation letters and a certificate photo. When verified, all the materials in print (photos unnecessary), together with a copy of the signed contract with the Personnel Department, shall be handed in to Room 107 in the International Cultural Exchange Center.

Step 2

The International Office examines all the materials and sends them to the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality to apply for the Foreign Experts Work Permit and the Invitation Letter from Authorized Institutions.

Step 3

The International Office mails the approved materials to the invitees through each relevant school so that they can apply for Chinese working visa.

Step 4

The invitees should go through a physical check in the International Travel Healthcare Center upon their arrival in Beijing, and those who have done a physical check abroad should be attested. Thereafter each school hands in the invitees’ health certificate, the Registration Form of Temporary Residence issued by the local police station, a copy of the entry visa and a passport picture to the International Office for the Foreign Expert Certificate. If their spouse and/or children are coming along, a marriage certificate and/or children’s birth certificate are also needed.

Step 5

On receiving the Foreign Expert Certificate, the invitees (and their families if there are any) should go to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Department and apply for residence permit with required materials, including their passport, application form, copy of the Foreign Expert Certificate, the Registration Form of Temporary Residence, health certificate, marriage certificate and children’s birth certificate (verified by the Chinese embassy abroad) if there is any family member to come along.

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