1.Apply for the Visa

Students need to apply for the visa in order to stay and study in China legally. It is not recommended to come way before to China because you will not be allowed to apply for the?Residence Permit?until you are formally registered with our university.

You can apply for the visa at the closest Chinese embassy or consulate in your country. And these are the required documents:

1)?????? Your valid passport,

2)?????? The original copy of the university’s admission notification,

3)?????? The?Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China?(also known as the JW201/JW202 form).


X1 Visa?is for students who wish to study in China for?more than 180 days?and only allows you to enter China and it’s only?valid for 30 days upon your arrival.?You must apply for a?Residence Permit?within 30 days?in order to obtain a legal status in China at Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau (BMPSB). Otherwise, your stay will be illegal and you will get fined.

X2 Visa?is for students who will study in China for?less than 180 days, and you do not need to apply for Residence Permit.

Please make sure that your letter of admission and your JW202 form are returned back to you together with your passport after obtaining your Chinese visa. You will need these documents to apply for your Residence Permit after your arrival in Beijing.

2.Apply for Accommodation

Once the student is admitted, the admission package will be sent to the students. In the package, a?Room Reservation Form?will be included. Students should then apply for the rooms accordingly. Students are advised to come no earlier than two days in advance. If you cannot make it on time, please send email to the International Student Office ( and the Accommodation Office ( If you do not come two weeks after registration, you will be regarded as turning down the admission offer. There are two kinds of housings you can choose:

On-campus housing: students can stay at No. 1 International Student Building, No. 3 International Student Building, and International Cultural Exchange Center. The daily price ranges from RMB35/bed/day to RMB80/bed/day. Student can choose different room types accordingly.

Off-campus housing: due to the limited space on campus, students can also choose to live off-campus. Student can find information through rental agencies, or check newspaper/online advertisements or notice boards.

Please note that Chinese Government Scholarship and Hanban Scholarship student will enjoy free accommodation on campus. The students will live in shared room at No. 1 International Student Building. The shared toilet and bathroom are located at both ends of each floor, no single bathrooms and toilet.

For the university-level exchange students, some will enjoy the free accommodation according to the agreement.

3.Prepare Necessary Documents

You need to bring the following documents to RUC to register.

1)?????? Valid passport and Visa,

2)?????? The Admission Notice from Rennin University of China (original),

3)?????? The Visa Application for Study in China Form (also known as the JW201/JW202 form) (original),

4)?????? Tuition (scholarship student and exchange students’ tuition are waived),

5)?????? Four 2-inch ID pictures,

6)?????? Physical examination record and blood test report (original, if available),

7)?????? Your insurance card,

8)?????? Passport, visa, marriage certificate and birth certificates of your family members (if any).

4.Get Packed

Students are not advised to bring to many staffs. You can purchase the daily necessities, stationeries, household items at local store or supermarkets. There’s Wall mart and Carrefour close-by. We would recommend you bring some family pictures, cultural items, favorite books with you so that you can feel connected with home while you just come to a new place.

Do not hesitate to visit the following websites; they might help you while you are packing your items:

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