1.?????For Scholarship Students

Our university receives Chinese Scholarship Council student and Hanban Scholarship student. We also receive exchange students from various partner universities across the globe. Beside the waived tuition, those students will receive free accommodation (depends on scholarship type), insurance, monthly stipend, etc. The detailed information can be found on your admission notice.

1)???? Scholarship students’ tuition

Scholarship students DO NOT pay the tuition

2)???? Scholarship students’ monthly stipend

If your scholarship covers you monthly stipend, please pay full attention to the following important notes:

  • Please open a bank account at your earliest convenience. The monthly stipend will be deposit into your account. After you get the bank card, please register the bank card information with ISO staff. The ISO will open bank account and prepare the debit card for exchange students. Exchange students can get the bank card on the registration day (most exchange students don’t receive monthly stipend though
  • The monthly stipend will be granted every month. You will get your first month’ stipend around 25th. The stipend of first month usually includes the living allowance, settlement fees and book fees.
  • From the second month, the stipend will be transferred to your Bank of China account between 15th?to 20th?each month
  • If you come before the 15th, you will receive one full month’s stipend. If you register after the 15th, you will receive half month’s stipend’
  • For graduates, the stipend allowance will be given until 15 days after the graduation date
  • Students won’t receive the monthly stipend if they suspend their studies, drop or graduate from the university or fail the annual assessment

3)???? Scholarship students’ insurance

Chinese Government Scholarship and Hanban Scholarship students will receive the medical and insurance from the scholarship. You can pick up the insurance card at ISO.

All the exchange students need to purchase the insurance on the registration day.

4)???? About on-campus accommodation

Chinese Government Scholarship and Hanban Scholarship student will enjoy free accommodation on campus. The students will live in shared room at No. 1 International Student Building. The shared toilet and bathroom are located at both ends of each floor, no single bathrooms and toilet.

For the university-level exchange students, some will enjoy the free accommodation according to the agreement.

2.?????RUC Student’s Disciplines

1)???? Registration and Course Enrollment

Junior visiting student can only pick the undergrad courses. Language student can only take Chinese language courses. Junior visiting student must take no less than 12 credits and language student 18 credits.

Senior visiting students usually don’t take courses. Normally they are supervised by a professor of the accepting school to conduct research in a specific subject. Senior visiting student can audit classes with prior permission from the related schools and International Student Office.

Attendance and participation are mandatory for all lectures, tests and other academic activities. Were you to miss any academic activities, you must ask for an approval for excused absences in advance. You can download the “Excused Absence Application Form” at? who will be absent for one week or lesser must ask for approval from the education secretary at their own department/school. Students who will be absent for more than a week must get the approval from the deans.

Students who have accumulated over a month of excused absences will be asked to consider withdraw from the university. Those who have missed academic activities for more than one month without approval will be dismissed from the university.


2)???? Extension of Study

Students can apply for extension if they wish to. The request will be approved by the International Students Office based on students’ previous academic records and attendance. Students can get the Extension Application Form at International Student Office. The application process must be down by the end of each semester.

3)???? Transcript and certificate

Students can apply for the transcripts and certificates to be mailed to their home university or designated address. Students need to submit one 2-inch picture and?Transcript Request Formbefore leaving.

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